Based upon Kedas strategy that have priority objectives towards work development, offering the best products and or services within frame of transparency. This profile has been prepared to reflect our willingness for achieving a high quality products and or services prior to the agreed committed contract. But no doubt that Kedas maintaining a continuous follow-up, with extreme efforts for devising applicable strategies, and that is what Kedas  is keen to implement the international best practice by realistic indicators, comprehensive studies, competitive plans, coordination and corporate with all concerned entities in order to provide the best  products and or services with reasonable cost.



Kedas was established in Abu Dhabi in 2003 .This company is solely focused on  prestigious interior designing, and hotel luxury furniture firm. The company’s creativity has grown rapidly and operates in different places including Germany and China. History revealed and built good reputation in terms of the company’s Excellency. Kedas dealt with of premium destination hotel apartments and big organizations in UAE Middle East, Asia and Africa. Our talented international team was mold and trained over years, yielding efficient skilled interior designers who bring diversity experience in interior designing of hotel furniture, with creativity and originality, together with expert techniques toward attention to details and turn-key results as well. Advanced and modern technology is used in every project. The company also provides an intelligent, customized interpretation of clients´ needs, resulting to innovative unique outcomes and outstanding tailored to create the maximum impact.

Training and development are company’s top priority and significant resources are allocated for competency of the employees by enhancement knowledge and awareness for the latest fashion and design in competent decoration. Our style set a new standard for proper decoration.

With the solid foundation and reputation for excellence in major places, the company strategic plan now partnered with and deal as SOLO AGENT of some huge establishment mainly related to our business.  In addition to Agents and Suppliers are as follows:

Agencies (Overseas)

·         YABO of China  specialized in Hotel furniture's and accessories dealing with Five Star Hotels and other executive and Luxury Hotels.

·         WENLIAN- one of the top hotel lighting manufacturers in the market specializing in both interior and outdoor lighting. Offers overall services including custom design, production sales and hotel projects.

·         Cinig Furniture Development Co. Ltd. (Foshan City Guandong Province) -  they are specialized in production of mid and high grade neo-classic and hotel furniture.  Through them we offer overall services to customers including custom design, production sales and hotel projects.

Supplier (Overseas)

·         Zhong City Centent Lighting Co. Ltd as our supplier in Guzhen Guandong China  they are specialized in a wide-range of lighting products including high-end crystal chandeliers, European style lighting, modern lighting as well as variety of decorative lighting using marble and metal.

·         Zhongshan Yuda Hotel Furnitures Co. Ltd popular and recognized by the consumers for its strength as   Hotel and Villa furniture manufacturer integrating design, production, sales & services. The creator of high quality furniture and supporting products.


To be the most operationally effective company in the Gulf Area, Middle East and of the World.



Our purpose is to bring about the highest quality products and or services to be offered to our customers which secure their confidence continuously.


·         Deliver a fair and courteous service to all.

·         Maintain our integrity at the highest level at all time.

·         Recognize and value individual and corporate an achievements by maintaining a team spirit and incentives of innovation enhancement.

·         Recognize that from effective communication with our customers is of paramount to achieve our objectives.

·         Pursue excellence in all what we do and ensure that our products and or services are measurably effective and efficient in line with international best practices.

Sales Center: United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi .

Tel : +971 2 6780493   -    Fax : +971 2 6780495  -    P.O.Box : 36345 Abu Dhabi




Email : ashraf@kedas.ae & info@kedas.ae


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